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VAT Included

Step into a world of mystery and intrigue with our extraordinary Sterling Silver Necklace, adorned with an enigmatic pendant shaped like a human molar. This captivating piece of art carries a hidden tale inspired by a remarkable event in the life of a renowned illusionist.


The delicate 925% silver chain exudes elegance, drawing attention to the mesmerizing pendant that sparks curiosity. Its unique design whispers of enigmatic stories, leaving room for your imagination to wander into the realm of magic and wonder.


Embrace the aura of fascination and allure as you wear The Enigmatic Molar Necklace. Unbeknownst to the observer, it carries the essence of an extraordinary moment, once experienced by a master of mystery. The pendant's secrets are elegantly veiled between its intricate contours, leaving space for intrigue and wonder to accompany you wherever you go.


This necklace is a testament to the power of storytelling through art, allowing you to wear a piece of history with a touch of mystique. Whether you share its origins or cherish the captivating allure of enigma, The Enigmatic Molar Necklace is a treasure to be cherished and admired.


Embrace the enigma, unveil the charm, and adorn yourself with this exquisite Sterling Silver Necklace, a symbol of hidden stories waiting to be explored. Discover the magic that lies between the lines, and let the enigmatic tale of The Enigmatic Molar come to life as you wear this captivating piece of art.


24g Silver 925%

65 cm lenght

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