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Cocrodile Ring - ESOCROTIC Collection


The Crocodile Ring from the ESOCROTIC Collection is an extraordinary testament to the artistry of Italian jewelry craftsmanship. Made entirely of 925% silver, this captivating and daring ring is inspired by the sumptuous skin of the crocodile.

With a length of 5.50 cm, the Crocodile Ring is a work of art that enchants with its masterful craftsmanship and unique design. The main detail highlights the distinctive characteristics of the crocodile skin.


Created with passion and dedication, this ring is a symbol of style and sophistication. The use of 925% silver ensures exceptional quality and long-lasting durability, allowing the ring to maintain its uncompromising splendor.


The Crocodile Ring is a versatile accessory that perfectly adapts to various occasions, from everyday wear to special events. It adds a touch of wild and distinctive charm to your personality and captures attention with its unique design.


Choose the Crocodile Ring from the ESOCROTIC Collection and treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece of Italian craftsmanship. Every time you wear this ring, you carry with you timeless elegance and the unmistakable essence of crocodile nature.

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