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My family has been linked to the jewelry making tradition for three generations. My great-grandfather, Ottorino Gallinari, opened the first jewelry store in 1934, while my grandfather, Adolfo, started his career as a watch repairman within the company. Over time, Adolfo became the owner of Gallinari Jewelry and, with his infinite passion, built an international network of diamond sellers and high-quality gem suppliers. The tradition was maintained by his children Fabio and Marco, who became a certified goldsmith and gemologist and a watch repairman specialized in gemology respectively. Today, I represent the third generation and have decided to pursue a different path within the Italian jewelry-making art.

In 2013, I started my own company with a personal vision. Being always fascinated by my father's work, I started working with him to acquire technique and experience. I learned the old goldsmith techniques and mixed them with my personal style, giving life to a unique mix of shapes, colors, emotions and technique. All my jewelry is completely handmade in Sterling Silver 925%, 18kt gold or brass.

In recent times, influenced by the Avant-garde world, I have become increasingly interested in leather goods, experimenting with combinations, working techniques and doing research. The combination of leather and precious metals gives rise to a project that is becoming increasingly present within my collections, step by step.

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