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The Gorilla Necklace is a masterpiece crafted from 925% silver adorned with crocodile leather details. As the centerpiece of the collection, this extraordinary piece draws inspiration from the power of two magnificent animals: the crocodile and the gorilla. Along the necklace, polished silver details reminiscent of crocodile scales gracefully intertwine.


At the heart of the necklace, a solid silver pendant weighing 182 grams portrays the face of a gorilla, adorned with metaphoric horns that evoke the marine world. What does it mean for these two creatures to come together in such a significant piece?

The union of the crocodile and gorilla in the Gorilla Necklace represents the fusion of two powerful and symbolic forces.


The crocodile symbolizes the strength, resilience, and adaptability of creatures living in aquatic environments, while the gorilla embodies the majesty, intelligence, and power of a terrestrial animal.


This unique combination raises questions and invites contemplation. It signifies a harmonious connection between water and land, emphasizing the interplay between two distinct realms. It symbolizes unified strength and adaptability, encouraging reflection on the relationships between different ecosystems and the interconnectedness of various life forms.


Wearing the Gorilla Necklace is a celebration of nature's power and beauty, expressing your connection to the animal world. Embrace this unique piece and let its commanding presence reflect your inner strength and affinity with the animal kingdom.


182g Silver 925%

Crocodile Leather

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