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  • Bracelet grumetta circles
  • Bracelet grumetta circles

Bracelet grumetta circles

IVA inclusa

Grumetta circles bracelet, made of 925% silver and entirely handcrafted in Italy. This bracelet combines the simplicity of a minimal design with the preciousness of the material and the quality of Italian craftsmanship. The grumetta mesh is characterized by a succession of circles that create a sense of movement and three-dimensionality, for a dynamic and modern look.


The handcrafted production guarantees superior quality, making each piece unique and precious. Its composition in 925% silver makes it resistant and durable over time, maintaining its beauty and shine even after many years of use.


The grumetta circles bracelet is perfect for those who love to combine simplicity and style, with a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Sterling silver 925%

Made in Italy 

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